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  • Is this a certification course?
    You DO get a certificate when you complete the course! But keep in mind: since there is no state or national governing body over herbalism in the US, *any* certificate from *any* course you take simply states that you completed the course. No certification course can qualify you for any sort of licensing (since herbal licensing in the US doesn't exist).
  • Can you travel?
    That’s our whole deal! Travel up to 25 miles from Springfield, Oregon (97477) is included. After that we can still get to ya, it’s just $1.40 per mile (round trip) after those first 25 miles. Travel to Portland is a flat rate of $200
  • What if the event is indoors?
    We can do events pretty much anywhere you are! If space and access allow for the trailer then we just mosey on in (she's 16' long x 8' high x 7' wide). But if not then we can definitely still bring the party to you. We have a separate free-standing bar on wheels that can go just about anywhere.
  • What about people who don’t drink alcohol?
    Listen, we’re not here to judge anyone. Plus there are minors to consider. All packages include bottomless self serve drinking water and lemonade (or another tasty, seasonal, non alcoholic beverage that we make ourselves). We do include kids and sober friends in our quote, however, since we base everything on an average. You're probably going to have guests who drink more than average, right? In order to account for them we need to also include your guests who will drink less than average in order to have enough supplies.
  • Do you need power hookups?
    We can operate fully self contained with a generator, but a standard, grounded outlet nearby is helpful and a 30Amp outlet is even better.
  • What about setup and tear down?
    We show up an hour before your event to set up and take about an hour after to break down (...the bar, that is. Although who doesn’t cry during a good speech?) This time is totally separate from your party time and not charged for.
  • What about cups and ice and stuff?
    We provide all of that! If you decide not to add on our glassware package we will provide recyclable plastic cups. As much as we like the idea of biodegradable/compostable cups, they actually aren't as friendly to the environment as they sound. We also provide the mixers and garnishes for all full-bar add ons.
  • How are kegs handled?
    Kegs need to be kept on ice and undisturbed for 24 hours before we get them. It may seem a lot easier to not do this, but you're going to be very unhappy when your guests are drinking foam and your kegs are wasted.
  • Will you be checking ID's?
    Yes! Everyone of drinking age needs to have valid identification present. Their mom or even the host vouching for them does not count in the eyes of the OLCC, unfortunately. Even at private events our bartenders have state licenses to uphold.
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