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Top 5 Spring Herbs for Glowing Skin from the Inside Out

And the myth of "cleanses" and "detoxing"

Ah, Spring. The time of year when nature starts coming out of her Winter slumber and so do we. With the promise of warmer, longer, sunnier days ahead, nature conveniently (though not likely coincidentally) provides us with exactly the nourishment our bodies need to transition out of a sleepy, low energy Winter and into a more active and energized Summer.

As we navigate this transition, both our insides and our outsides might need a little support. Our diets likely weren't full of fresh produce through the winter, leaving us feeling perhaps a little drained or sluggish and not quite raring to go. Our skin may be feeling dry, chapped, and nowhere near ready to face the rigors of outdoor activities...

Spring's herbs have our backs though! Not only do the plants I'm going to share with you have beautiful topical skin healing benefits, but they're also all considered alteratives.

What the heck are alteratives?

Alteratives (all-TEAR-uh-tivz is how I pronounce it, but I'm sure others say it differently) are plants that support the body's own elimination organs to optimally perform their jobs of ridding the body of waste. This allows the gradual restoration of overall bodily function, vitality, and metabolism.

That doesn't sound nearly as sexy as the way these herbs are more commonly marketed, which is as "detoxifying", "cleansing", "blood purifying", or "cure-all" herbs. Yikes.

No, you don't need a "detox" or "cleanse" and your body isn't full of poisons. Your elimination organs (which are your liver, kidneys, skin, bowel, and lungs) work constantly to make sure of this.

The need to filter waste products is an expected part of being a human. That's why these organs have evolved to do this so well.

Yes, our modern environments present some new substances that need to be eliminated in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. But even our ancestors, who we might imagine having exclusively eaten hunted and gathered wild foods, drank the purest stream water, and breathed the freshest air... still pooped and peed.

Their bodies still eliminated "toxins". They metabolized what went into them, turned it into energy, and produced waste products from this metabolism. Metabolic waste is a normal part of human design. There is no level of "purity" in your diet, environment, or lifestyle that can avoid it.

All that said, the subtle but important difference is that alterative plants are not "miracle detoxifiers" themselves, as they are often marketed to be. More accurately, they nourish and support our bodies to do what they already do more efficiently.

Alterative plants provide specialized nourishment to our elimination organs so that they aren't fighting an uphill battle due to added environmental pressures.

If our systems responsible for elimination become sluggish, we can experience:

  • low energy,

  • chronic inflammatory conditions,

  • skin issues,

  • autoimmune conditions,

  • degenerative diseases,

  • and poor digestion

That's why incorporating these herbs into our routine, not