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Choose From Our 3 Bars...

The Spirit Haus began with a

1959 Aloha canned ham travel trailer

that sat unloved for over 25 years.

Her classic white & red paint job was faded to an aluminum and pink patina. Her neglected supports crumbled from weather damage. 

But she screamed potential.

With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears

she has been transformed

into the majestic beast

that she was born to be. 

The Original Spirit Haus
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Our completely restored 16’ beauty

is a 1959 vintage Aloha travel trailer.

Not only is she a full-service bar,

but she makes a great backdrop or centerpiece

for photos & memories.

Her classic, chic aesthetic

can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Plus black goes with everything, right?

She’s fully self-contained with water & power, 

and has passed inspection

by the Lane County Health Department.

Her two large service window openings allow guests to walk up and order from up to 3 bartenders.

The Rover Bar

The Rover Bar is our handcrafted satellite setup that's perfect for spaces that don’t have access for the Spirit Haus trailer.

Our 6’ wide, solid Doug Fir & Cedar

 bar on wheels can be styled

to pull off a range of attitudes, 

from high class to rustic.

Perfect for larger indoor or outdoor events

with 75-200 guests.

Or add it on to events with the Spirit Haus if you expect more than 200 guests.

The Mini Bar
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Requiring only one bartender,

the Mini Bar can be set up at your
backyard BBQ, open house,

dinner party, or office party.

A functional wooden design

allows for efficient execution of drinks

in even the smallest spaces.

One on one service

provides the full craft cocktail experience.

Perfect for smaller events with up to 75 guests.

"It breaks my heart to see gorgeous events with attention seemingly paid to every detail, paired with a plastic folding table bar tucked back in the corner with a tablecloth and a few bottles of margarita mix for decoration.


The Spirit Haus makes a gorgeous and unforgettable backdrop or centerpiece for photos, mingling, memory making, and general merriment!"

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