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Balancing Science & Tradition
to Grow Medicine with the Seasons 


For those seeking to begin or expand their herbal journey without the fear-mongering, judgment, or perfectionism that has become commonplace in the wellness industry.


All courses are completely online & pre-recorded

-No scheduling live lessons!-

Choose Your Herbal Path:

"I cant recommend this enough, especially if you are just starting out. This is loaded with so much information I wish I had when I first started my herbalism journey.  ”

Byanka H. - Herbal Skincare Student

I'm Herb Curious...


Free 1-hr Workshop

8 keys to:
-Approach learning herbs in a way that honors both science & tradition
- Deconstruct some of the problematic "-isms" & "-phobias" that have co-opted long-held traditional practices. 

Herb of the Month Club

-Take it slow
-A monthly subscription
-Learn to grow, harvest, & make medicine out of one key medicinal plant that's in season each month.
-Each month features a new herb
-Get to know 12 herbs slowly over the course of the year



A crash course for beginner herbalists who are wondering if this herbal path is the right one for them.
-It's FREE if you decide to enroll in another course later!
-These lessons are included in every other course also.

Teach me everything you know...
(Enrollment is Open for Feb Start)


2024 Rootcraft 10-month


Balance modern scientific research with traditional healing practices.
-Includes all of the information from every other course available
-New lessons released monthly
No scheduling live meetings

add-on Medicine Maker Shipments

-Receive deliveries in February, May, & August to make your own herbal preparations before you need them
-Includes dry herbs, seeds, hand tools, ingredients, containers, & basic recipes.
- Does not include enrollment in any courses, in-depth plant profiles, or video tutorials, 

Focus on one subject at a time... (Currently Closed)


Green Witch


Learn to grow, tend, & harvest your own medicinal herbs seasonally.
-Over 30 detailed plant profiles
-Celtic seasonal celebrations.
-Self-paced, pre-recorded.

Herbal Skincare

 Nourish & heal skin by working with herbs both topically & internally
-Address the root cause of issues & imbalances.
-Over a dozen different medicinal plant profiles
-Self-paced, pre-recorded. 

Community Immunity

So much more than echinacea and elderberry! - Deep-dive into 6 different ways herbs can impact the immune system to create resilience.
-Over 30 plant profiles
Self-paced, pre-recorded. 
comfrey flower august.jpeg

Herbal Actions

A deep-dive into HOW and WHY to choose the best herbs for a given situation, based on the way they impact the body. -Comprehension, not Memorization!
-Over 30 plant profiles.
Self-paced, pre-recorded. 

Medicine Making

Empower yourself to create your own
oils, balms, salves, water extractions, alcohol tinctures, glycerites, aceta, hydrosols, flower essences, and double extractions out of over 30 plants!
Self-paced, pre-recorded.
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