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Balancing Science & Tradition
to Grow Medicine with the Seasons 


For those seeking to begin or expand their herbal journey without the fear-mongering, judgment, or perfectionism that has become commonplace in the wellness industry.


All courses are completely online & pre-recorded

-No scheduling live lessons!-

Choose Your Herbal Path:

"I cant recommend this enough, especially if you are just starting out. This is loaded with so much information I wish I had when I first started my herbalism journey.  ”

Byanka H. - Herbal Skincare Student

I'm Herb Curious...


Free 1-hr Workshop

8 keys to:
-Approach learning herbs in a way that honors both science & tradition
- Deconstruct some of the problematic "-isms" & "-phobias" that have co-opted long-held traditional practices. 



Essential Oils"
A free 3-part series
on how and why
to shift away from the essential oil craze.

echinacea mine.jpg

Native Plant 

Grow Guide

sharing how to grow
16 North American native medicinal plants

Including plants from the United Plant Savers at-risk list.

Herb of the Month Club

-Take it slow
-A monthly subscription
-Learn to grow, harvest, & make medicine out of one key medicinal plant that's in season each month.
-Each month features a new herb
-Get to know 12 herbs slowly over the course of the year



A crash course for beginner herbalists who are wondering if this herbal path is the right one for them.
-It's FREE if you decide to enroll in another course later!
-These lessons are included in every other course also.

Teach me everything you know...
***2024 Program is Full- Reserve your space for 2025 now***



Rootcraft 10-month


Balance modern scientific research with traditional healing practices.
-Includes all of the information from every other course available
-New lessons released monthly
No scheduling live meetings

add-on Medicine Maker Shipments

-Receive deliveries in March, June, & September to make your own herbal preparations before you need them

-Includes dry herbs, seeds, hand tools, ingredients, containers, & basic recipes.
- Does not include enrollment in any courses, in-depth plant profiles, or video tutorials, 

Focus on one subject at a time...


Green Witch


Learn to grow, tend, & harvest your own medicinal herbs seasonally.
-Over 30 detailed plant profiles
-Celtic seasonal celebrations.
-Self-paced, pre-recorded.

Herbal Skincare

 Nourish & heal skin by working with herbs both topically & internally
-Address the root cause of issues & imbalances.
-Over a dozen different medicinal plant profiles
-Self-paced, pre-recorded. 

Community Immunity

So much more than echinacea and elderberry! - Deep-dive into 6 different ways herbs can impact the immune system to create resilience.
-Over 30 plant profiles
Self-paced, pre-recorded. 
comfrey flower august.jpeg

Herbal Actions

A deep-dive into HOW and WHY to choose the best herbs for a given situation, based on the way they impact the body. -Comprehension, not Memorization!
-Over 30 plant profiles.
Self-paced, pre-recorded. 

Medicine Making

Empower yourself to create your own
oils, balms, salves, water extractions, alcohol tinctures, glycerites, aceta, hydrosols, flower essences, and double extractions out of over 30 plants!
Self-paced, pre-recorded.
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