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Waxing Phase of the Year: Riding Spring's Wave

How to harness Spring's growth to manifest your intentions.

During the waxing phase of the moon — from the day the Moon is new to the day it is full— she is growing incrementally larger day by day, showing us that it is safe for us, too, to come out of our dark, introspective phases.

It’s no mystery that the moon has an influence on the pull of water. We see this in the rising and falling tides of the ocean. This pull is strongest at the New Moon and the Full Moon.

It is common practice to plant crops whose above-ground parts we will harvest for medicine (berries, leaves, flowers, and stems) during the waxing phase of the moon. As the moonlight increases night by night, plants are encouraged to grow leaves and stems.

This is also a great time each month to put the intentions you set during the new moon into motion.

It's a time of growth and action... Of putting in the work.

Setting intentions during the new moon and manifesting during the full moon are all good and well, but YOU are the magic and the magic is the ACTION in between those two phases.

This waxing moon energy aligns perfectly with the energy of Spring.

If Winter represents the new moon, a time of introspection and planning, and the Spring Equinox represents the awakening of nature, then April is the peak of this waxing season of growth.

We are getting out of Winter’s wake and exploring more of the outside world. This is an excellent time to check in with yourself and clarify any intentions you set at the beginning of the year, at the last new moon, or any time prior to this.

You can use the following Waxing Moon ritual to meditate on your intentions, realize why they are important to you, remember why you set them, and persevere.

1. Take a Ritual Bath

Bring any candles, tea, and/or water-safe crystals you'd like to place on the edge. Allow yourself to find a sense of calm and quiet, even if only for a minute or two.

After your bath, find a space that is relaxing to you.

This can be in your home, in nature, or wherever you feel at peace.

2. Cleanse your space energetically, however you choose:

  • Burn incense

  • Burn herbs such as rosemary, yarrow, mullein, common garden sage, mugwort, lavender, mint, lemon balm, thyme, or oregano.

  • Spray floral waters,

  • Ring bells,

  • Chant,

  • or whatever feels best to you.

3. Ground yourself:

Take a deep breath, and visualize roots growing from your feet or core into the center of the earth. Imagine a bright light bubble of loving energy surrounding you. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach.

4. Meditate:

Since the new moon or new year, you may have refined and narrowed your intentions. Allow yourself to travel in your mind’s eye to your completed intention: imagine it as done and feel everything you would feel upon its completion:

  • What would you be doing?

  • Who would you be with?

  • How would you feel?

  • How would it positively impact yourself and others associated with this intention?

Let yourself get carried away in this “daydream”.

5. Now Journal:

  • Gather strength and have confidence in your direction. You can achieve anything. You are powerful. You are a warrior. Reach inside to find your confidence. -Without short-changing yourself, write out 5 of your greatest strengths. These can be personality traits, skills, or ways of looking at the world.

  • Align your hopes with the universe as you channel this growth and momentum. Continue to take action. -What action have you taken toward your intentions? -What further action can you take to build on those steps you’ve already taken?

  • Gratitude & appreciation: Write down everything that’s been going well for you since the new moon or new year. It can be the tiniest of things, but your acknowledgement and enjoyment of it will cause it to grow

~When you feel finished, seal your ritual by giving thanks~

You can perform this Waxing Phase ritual any month during the waxing phase of the moon, and/or each year in the Spring to check in with yourself and stay on track with your goals.

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